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If Not Us, Then Who?

The legal understanding of effectively representing healthcare workers in court is now known for the first time in this fight. Moreover, lawyers, consultants, and others are standing up for our healthcare heroes. Together, we will change history!  All donations are tax deductible.

Healthcare Heroes

Many legal efforts are underway to restore the dignity of our healthcare heroes. We are raising $350,000 to fund them all.  We can not say thank you enough for your support.

Houston Methodist

Hundreds of employees lost their jobs, and doctors are being targeted by executive staff for doing nothing more than working day and night to serve the health needs of Texans.  Justice Cometh!


PeaceHealth executives placed numerous employees on administrative leave for refusing to volunteer for clinical research.  It’s time these employees got paid for overtime.

UC Health

UC Health executives in Colorado made examples of those who refused to volunteer for clinical drug participation by denying them access to living wages.  Let’s go reclaim those wages.