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Colorado Healthcare Providers for Freedom

Colorado Healthcare Providers for Freedom is a 501 c3 non-profit network of physicians and healthcare providers supporting medical freedom and patient choice. We stand for patient rights, the doctor-patient relationship, individualized patient care, informed consent, medical privacy, and high-quality medical care. We love our patients and profession and are building a legacy of excellence for the next generation to build upon.

Informed Consent

Informed Consent must be legally effective and prospective.  Learn the true meaning behind this phrase.

Healthcare Workers

An estimated 100,000 healthcare workers are displaced due to mandates.  Help us to restore their dignity.

The Matthew Dark Show

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Lawsuits To Follow

WA Gov Inslee

PeaceHealth required employees to inject experimental drugs into their bodies without their free will and voluntary consent.

UC Health

The lawsuit charges that the CO Dept. of Health and UCHealth mandated medical staff to inject unlicensed drugs into their bodies in violation of federal law and the U.S. Constitution.  No one had/has the authority to issue such a requirement.

OR Gov Brown

PeaceHealth required employees to inject experimental drugs into their bodies without their free will and voluntary consent.

Informed Consent

What is a COVID-19 IND?

An investigational new drug (IND) is a “a new drug or biologic that is used in a clinical investigation.” (21 CFR 312.3)  A clinical investigation is synonymous with medical experimentation and means “an experiment is any use of a drug except for the use of a marketed drug in the course of medical practice.”  The only COVID-19 drugs in commerce are classified by the FDA as an IND.

Medical Abuse History

In 1973 Senator Edward Kennedy held live hearings regarding the human rights atrocities committed against Americans by their governments, hospitals, and doctors.  Some of those abuses include (1) 300 female prisoners injected with live cancer cells without their knowledge, (2) the US Navy spraying the entire city of San Francisco with a bacterial agent, and (3) mentally disabled children in NY being fed feces extracts of infected hepatitis patients. In addition, there are nearly 10,000 documents of crimes against humanity by Americans on Americans.

National Research Act

In Response to Senator Kennedy’s hearings Congress passed the National Research Act leading to a complete change in the nature and legal definition of informed consent.

Legally Effective Informed Consent

Congress put its full weight behind a new statutory meaning of informed consent by requiring authorities to ensure individuals were not under “sanctions,” “coercion,” “undue influence,” or “unjustifiable pressures” before offered the opportunity to participate in a product not licensed for general commercial marketing by the FDA.  If the authority complied with these principles, then Congress declared they obtained the “legally effective informed consent” of the individual.

Can Mandates Include Investigational Drugs?
No!  Congress explicitly stated that all EUA drug, biologic, or medical device participants must participate under voluntary conditions. Drugs are regulated by their classifications and never by their formulations. Hospitals were informed they could use Pfizer’s two drugs (licensed & EUA) interchangeability for medical purposes but not for legal mandates.  However, no licensed COVID-19 vaccines were distributed into commerce.

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